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In the midst of life and all things good or challenging, it can be hard to pause in the moment and be grateful.

It’s important to appreciate those things, people, and moments, big or small.

It can be hard to even find the good in the obstacles. Guess what? Those things that are hard are worth doing! They are there and sometimes reflecting back allows you to see your growth or the great things in those obstacles.

I often times ask my Life Coaching Clients “how will you celebrate?” now that you’ve accomplished x, y, and z? The response is often times “I don’t know” or “I’ll have to think about that”. Celebrations doesn’t have to be only for graduations, birthdays, or major accomplishments. Celebrate those small wins! Be grateful in all things! Show yourself appreciation for those things that you accomplish!

Even when I get a little beside myself, I have to ground myself, meditate, bring out my journal, exercise, make a couple phone calls to those that lift me up, and just find joy in the moment. Yesterday, I did all of them!

Beginning everyday with a grateful heart has many health benefits, changes your thinking and it changes your overall mood! Be grateful on today. Give yourself grace on today.

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